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A structured settlement annuity is an innovative settlement planning tool that protects and strategically distributes a claimants’ compensation through a series of tax-free payments issued over time. Although structured settlements are not limited to physical injury claims such as personal injury, wrongful death and workers compensation, they are the most common. Such payments are designed to meet the claimant’s future medical expenses and basic living needs in a product that is creditor and market protected.


Our clients think of our brokers as a part of their in-house team. As such, we take pride in the opportunity to build a relationship with the claimant as soon as their candidacy for a structured settlement is identified. We carefully assess their current financial needs, future financial goals, and strive to mitigate any identifiable risks that would threaten the success of the settlement proceedings.


As a plaintiff attorney, you work very hard to ensure the success of your case. We are honored to serve with you on your clients’ behalf, but our services are not solely limited to them. Allow us the opportunity to work as your trusted broker partner as well. Contact us today for more information and see how we can help.